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Memorial Day Craft Projects

Getting ready for the first holiday of the summer? Planning a picnic and honor for those who serve our country in the military, police, fire, and emergency. We have a few projects you can create to bring the holiday together with ease and comfort for guests. Read More Here

The Time of Year for Playground Mulch

AMC Consolidated provides mulch playground covering. Our playground mulch is in local school districts and housing developments. This high quality product provides much need safety and aesthetics for any play area. Read More Here

Trees in the Desert?

Phoenix AZ maybe be a desert, but the value of trees is present with the tree and shade master plan put in place 2010. Trees are vital role in any community. They provide shade, provide livable communities, add to the ecosystem, and create an oasis. Read More

Wood Pallets Provide Great Use, Reuse, and Protection

AMC Consolidated provides pallets that meet or exceed industry standards for shipment and storing of products. AMC Consolidated wood pallets are made with uses KD-HT green Douglas fir, SPF-spruce pine fir, and some hardwoods. This allows for AMC Consolidated pallet to be: Read More

Tree Trimming

October is a great time for tree trimming before the cooler desert temperatures arrive. Trees provide the with great benefits:

Energy efficiency
Minimize conflicts with urban infrastructure
Reducing storm water runoff
Improving local air and soil
Water quality
Reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide
Providing wildlife habitat and food
Increasing property values,
Enhancing community
Native trees will bring the best benefits to your home and community. There are many Sonoran desert native you can plant in your yard to bring beauty. Read More


Types of Wood Used For Pallet Creation

When creating pallets the type and quality of wood are specific to accomplish the best results for intended use. When considering wood types for pallets the considerations are strength, durability, and recycling. Read More

Pallet Terminology for Ordering

When ordering pallets there are many items that must be considered. Understanding the terms will assist with providing you with the exact pallet and requirements needed for your product shipping and moving needs. This list will provide you with many terms to assist with your pallet ordering process. Read More

Phoenix The Land of Tress?

Phoenix the land of trees? It is a land of very beautiful desert trees, not just the various palm trees seen here. Phoenix’s mayor, Gordon initiated the tree and shade master plan in 2010. This plan outlines the importance and value that shade trees play in the Phoenix desert. Trees assist with the ecosystems, improvements for a healthier life, more livable communities, and a prosperous lifestyle. Read More

Mulch for your Ground Covering

Mulch is a protective covering that allows for vibrant finished appearance, and imitates the ground covering found in a forest. Mulch is one of the most beneficial materials you can do to your soil and plants. Besides the items above mulch provides the following: Read More

Heat Treating Pallets

This regulation protects the spread and introduction of pest internationally. The difficulty of tracing the wood product because of recycling, re-used, or re-manufactured make it difficult to ensure the product is clear of all pests. Read More