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AMC Consolidated's mulch covering is top quality. This mulch covering can be used on running trails and beautifying landscape. Mulch improves water holding, reduce weed propagation, and give a vibrant finished appearance to your landscape or garden design. This can be produced for large contractor or individual jobs.

The goal of AMC Consolidated is to provide a high level of service and a quality controlled product line at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves with the attitude that we work for you. Please email or call 1-602-233-9800 for specific information about our mulch products, prices, and services.

Buy Mulch By the Bag or Yard Great for Trails and Paths
100% Recycled Natural Wood Reduces Weeds
Produce for Large Contractor Jobs Horse and Arena Bedding Top Quality
Beautifies Landscapes Pine Kiln Dried
Clean Medium Flakes for Softness
Gives Landscape a Finished Look Low Dust Chips