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AMC Consolidated has been in business for over 15 years. We manufacture our pallet and heat-treat pallets on-site. This provides for quality assurance, meeting regulations, and clients expectations.

Our pallets are designed for proper shipment of your products with a level surface ensuring that your products ship clean, easy, and provide quick movement of your products. Heat-treating your pallets ISPM 15 ensures that your pallets meet international shipment requirements and that the pallets are not harboring bacteria. We are the only local company that provides on-site kiln pallet treatment for international shipment.

When ordering your pallets please refer to "Things To Consider When Purchasing your Pallets." This guide will assist with your pallet needs. Please feel free to use our Order Form to contact us regarding your order or call us at 602-233-9800. We will be in contact to complete your order and assist with any concerns. We also purchase pallets.

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